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Liquid growth hormone

An exhaustive amount of modern growth hormones is produced in powder form: it must be diluted with saline, and then stored for no more than two weeks and only in a refrigerator. However, science does not stand still - you can buy liquid growth hormone from us and forget about all the inconveniences of old drugs.

Contrary to popular belief, liquid growth hormone is stored just as well as powder. At room temperature, it can be stored for no more than 7 days, if you do not want to lose its beneficial effect. But in a refrigerator and in a sealed package, liquid growth hormone can be up to two years!

Liquid growth hormone is usually accompanied by a pen-syringe, which provides the most comfortable injection in a busy daily routine. The entire range of hormones in our store can be viewed at the link.

Positive effect

The use of growth hormones not only stimulates the development of the body, but also has a therapeutic effect on the liver, adrenal glands, thyroid gland and the reproductive system. This is proven not only by medical research, but also confirmed by thousands of athletes.

We recommend buying liquid growth hormone to all athletes interested in the development and strengthening of the body: already during the first course (you determine the amount for yourself) you can significantly improve all indicators and start the correct set of muscle mass - fat deposits are burned by growth hormone.

Strictly follow the instructions - this is not only the key to success, but also a matter of your health. The use of this drug requires accuracy in dosage and timing of use.



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