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фото TB500 под углом
TB 500 упаковка
фото тимозин бета 4
фото TB500
фото TB500 под углом
TB 500 упаковка
фото тимозин бета 4
фото TB500


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TB 500 consists of 44 amino acids and is widely used in sports due to its anabolic effects. The main effect on muscle growth and strength and has no side effects, if the peptide is used in appropriate dosages. Peptide tb 500 can be purchased in our online shop with delivery to the desired region of the country. Online pharmacy offers to buy tb 500 - an artificial analog of thymosin beta peptide from the manufacturer HubioPharm, we have the best price in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The effects of the peptide

A course of TB 500 has the following effects:

- A significant increase in muscle mass;

- An increase in muscle strength;

- Recovery of muscles, joints and ligaments after injuries and hard physical work;

- improving the uptake of nutrients by muscles through the growth of new blood vessels;

- promotes the synthesis of LH and, consequently, testosterone;

- Improves ligament elasticity;

- strengthens the heart muscle;

- Has an anti-inflammatory effect, etc.

Course duration is 2-3 months, with a dosage of 2-6 mg per week, divided into two injections per week.


The peptide is widely used in both medicine and sports. The reviews of athletes about tb 500 are positive, because the peptide has no side effects and has a number of anabolic properties. A course of the peptide has a visible increase in muscle mass, improves strength and helps to recover faster after injuries and heavy physical exertion..

You can trust us

Our specialized online shop offers a wide range of peptides from leading manufacturers. With us you can order TB-500 peptide of high quality, the authenticity of which is confirmed by the relevant certificates of quality. You can buy tb 500 peptide in just a few clicks using a user-friendly interface of our website, and we will deliver your order to any region of the country.

Our advantages:

- affordable prices;

- high quality;

- excellent service;

- fast delivery;

- large selection of genuine peptides.

Shopping with us is a guarantee of quality and the best price.


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