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Synthosizze 5.0

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Synthosizze 3.0 has been known to bodybuilders since the 90s of the last century. Positioned as an easy way to quickly gain muscle mass, it has gained both its adherents and a huge number of opponents.

In fact, Synthosizze 3.0 is an oily substance "seasoned" with preservatives and anesthetics. 85 percent of the composition is provided by M.C.T. oil, to which 7.5 percent lidocaine and the same amount of benzyl alcohol are added. However, its creator Chris Clark continues to keep some "secret" ingredients unknown.

Synthol is used intramuscularly with long needle injections. Once injected deep into the muscle, the drug is distributed between its fibers. Each subsequent injection adds a portion of oil to the muscle, forcing it to gradually stretch, increasing in size.

Synthol is utilized by the body by 30%, and about 70% of the drug remains between the muscle fibers. Over the course of about 5 years, the drug gradually disintegrates and is excreted.

Buy Synthol

Currently, you can easily buy Synthol both in the original version and in the form of not innocuous fakes. In our online store you can buy the original Synthol from Chris Clark, equipped with security codes. It is this drug that bodybuilding stars use, giving special expressiveness to their body.

What are security codes for? Each package has an individual number, which can be checked through the manufacturer's official website - this is the most reliable way to verify the authenticity of the drug!


Like any intramuscular injection, Synthol injection is a potentially dangerous intervention for the body. This is due to the complexity of the structure of muscle groups, especially their small sections.

Any incorrectly delivered injection can cause nerve damage, and as a result, the development of paresis or paralysis. No less serious consequences can be caused by a needle entering a blood vessel, followed by embolism and possible deaths. That is why injections should be performed very carefully, preferably entrusting this process to a professional, or else learn this process on your own.

The consequences of injections can cause allergic reactions, as well as inhibit the training process due to swelling of the muscles. Therefore, the synthol course should be started with small dosages.

To reduce the likelihood of muscle asymmetry from the Synthosizze 3.0 injection, each subsequent injection should be injected into a different location on the muscle.


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