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фото Synthol Ergo
фото Synthol Ergo

Synthol Ergo

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Synthol Ergo is an oil preparation for injection and does not belong to anabolic steroids. It is used by professional bodybuilders to add localized volume to muscle tissue. The exact composition of Synthol, developed by Chris Clark, is kept in strict confidence, but approximately we can say that its main components are: oil (up to 85%), preservative (benzyl alcohol) and anesthetic (lidocoin).

Synthol for women

If the use of this drug in bodybuilding has become a well-known and rather familiar business, its use in other areas of life is just beginning. It's no secret that Synthol for women is becoming a new type of affordable upgrade.

Synthol in the buttocks

The introduction of Synthol into the buttocks is a fairly well established practice among professional bodybuilders. Correctly placed in the tissues of the body, this drug creates a kind of expansion, which is then filled with growing muscles. Currently, the introduction of Synthol into the buttocks began to be practiced by the fair sex, far from bodybuilding. Due to this, thin girls become owners of a voluminous and elastic heel point. The amount, dosage, frequency and possibility of using Synthol for injection into the buttocks is always selected strictly individually, based on a large number of objective factors and the presence of contraindications.

Synthol in the penis

The dissatisfaction of some men with their own natural data very often leads to rather curious solutions to this problem. One of them is pumping Synthol into the penis. The developers of this drug warn that this is not the purpose of Synthol. Based on the results of medical practice, the introduction of Synthol into the penis is an unacceptable procedure that leads to serious consequences for the male body.


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