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фото Synthol 911
фото Synthol 911

Synthol 911

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Synthol 911 is an oil based product. Its main use is in professional bodybuilding. Athletes inject Synthol-911 into specific muscle nodes in order to locally model the shape and size of muscle tissue. The use of this drug does not affect the hormonal background and does not burden the liver and other internal organs, since it does not belong to anabolic drugs.

Synthol victims

As in any area of ​​life, the same phenomenon can have both positive and most harmful consequences. Even the table salt known to everyone in different quantities that has entered the body can be a harmless flavoring additive or a real poison. Synthol is no exception, photos of victims of misuse of which are full of on the Internet. As practice shows, the overwhelming majority of the victims of Synthol are very far from professional bodybuilding, and are in poor physical shape.

Synthol jock Kirill Tereshin

For a long time on the Internet and on television, synthol jock Kirill Tereshin and his "glorified" "Hands of a Bazooka" have been flickering. What this young guy did to himself is difficult to attribute to an increase in body sculpting and an improvement in muscle relief. Namely for this, Synthol 911 injections are intended, which are carried out in a volume of no more than 1-3 ml per day and are combined with active workouts in the gym. Only correctly selected loads and precisely executed introduction of real Synthol-911 help professional athletes achieve the desired results.


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