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фото PegMGF
PegMGF упаковка
фото PegMGF
PegMGF упаковка


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MGF is Mechanical Growth Factor, a substance that is released in the body during physical activity. It has been synthesised and is widely used in sports. MGF was combined with a polyethylene glycol molecule by a pegylation process to create a peptide, PEG-MGF. This compound was needed in order to prolong the action time of MGF. One molecule of MGF was destroyed in the body in only a few minutes, which was not effective. After pegylation, the peptide became highly bioavailable, because its effect is retained for a long time, the frequency of injections is sufficient for 2-3 times a week. At you can buy the original PEG-MGF peptide from HubioPharm at the best price.

The effect

A course of 5 weeks can cause:

- Active hyperplasia of muscle fibres, along with muscle growth;

- Acceleration of the fat-burning process. During this period, the proportion of fat was reduced by an average of 5-6%;

- Improvement of relief and venous prominence on the body;

- Improved endurance and recovery from injuries.

PEG-MGF also has other additional effects that are also valuable, among them: general body rejuvenation, lower cholesterol levels, improved immune function, positive effects on the nervous system and more.


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Fakes of PEG-MGF are often found in the sports market. We are the official website of the manufacturer and guarantee the authenticity of our products.

You can get PEG-MGF :

- By ordering online

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