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Ручка для нордитропина фото
Ручка для нордитропина фото
Ручка для нордитропина фото
Ручка для нордитропина фото

Norditropin Nordiflex

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Growth hormone
Ampoule volume
30 IU
Packing volume
30 IU
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январь 2021

Norditropin Nordiflex is a type of synthesised growth hormone. Its composition is similar to that of the hormone produced naturally by the body (somatropin). It is known to be involved in metabolism, synthesising the development of skeleton and muscle tissue, as well as supporting fast cell regeneration and strengthening immunity. Such characteristics have made this product indispensable in a sports environment. Not only athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters, but also their trainers have praised it.

How it works

The product contains 191 amino acids. They are linked together by peptide bonds. By penetrating cells, the amino acids accelerate protein synthesis and absorption. This results in comprehensive muscle building, as well as steady development of the skeleton, bones and ligaments. This has a positive effect on strength and endurance.

In addition, growth hormone is involved in carbohydrate-fat metabolism and metabolism. Buy Norditropin for "drying" purposes. An athlete who actively uses this substance will notice how delineated his muscles become. Subcutaneous fat will gradually disappear, emphasizing the density and structure of muscles. The first results of using GH are visible after 2 months of injections.

In addition to strengthening your muscles and musculoskeletal system and fat-burning function, the GH presented works in the following areas:

  • Accelerated cell regeneration, which leads to fast wound healing, complex skin rejuvenation, timely recovery of the body after exhausting workouts. That is why the product is recommended during active preparation for competitions;
  • Digestion of carbohydrates, breakdown of fats to proteins, release of energy. A course of Norditropin can improve your general well-being, restore your performance, improve your memory and boost your thinking;
  • Increases blood levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, normalises the absorption of chondroitin sulphate, accelerates collagen production, thereby improving internal organs, connective tissues and skin.

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