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HGH 176-191 от хубио
HGH 176-191 упаковка фото
пептид HGH 176-191 фото
HGH 176-191 флакон фото
HGH 176-191 от хубио
HGH 176-191 упаковка фото
пептид HGH 176-191 фото
HGH 176-191 флакон фото

HGH frag 176 191

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Do you want to speed up the process of losing excess fat, especially in problem areas? If your answer is yes, then peptide fragment HGH FRAG 176 191 is what you need! You can order HGH FRAG 176 191 in our specialty shop. Buying sports medicine from us you can be assured of its quality and authenticity. We work directly with the company HUBIO, which allows us to offer you the best prices on peptides.

HGH FRAG 176,191 (Somatropin Fragment 176 to 191 Amino Acids) is a real find among peptides for those who want to get rid of excessive fat deposits. A safe peptide with no side effects, it has powerful fat-burning properties, especially in the stomach area. The amino acids contained in this peptide accelerate lipolysis up to 12 times faster than growth hormone itself. In addition to fat burning, the peptide inhibits the formation of new fat deposits and has a number of other positive properties.


One of the main benefits of HGH FRAG 176,191, unlike many fat-burning drugs, is that it does not cause nausea, tremors in the extremities or increased excitability, which are characteristic of ephedrine-based products. Of the main effects, it is important to note:

  • active fat-burning process;
  • anti-catabolic process on muscle tissue, i.e. muscles are not destroyed during fat loss;
  • promotes strengthening of bone tissue;
  • improves the body's metabolic processes;
  • improves lipid profile;
  • increases energy, giving you a boost of energy.

The average dose of the fragment is 500-1000 µg per day. The total dosage is divided into two injections, the best time for injections is in the morning and at night. The injections are given no earlier than two hours after a meal.


Speaking of reviews, they are exceptionally positive. The main purpose of the substance is fat burning. The peptide and the positive reviews about it are characterized by the fact that the drug has no pitfalls in the form of hidden side effects, which means that it is completely safe for the body.

You can see plenty of positive reviews about the peptide and its fat-burning effect with specific examples in sports forums. You will notice the results of HGH FRAG 176,191 in no time, even after four weeks.


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