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Pharmaceutical growth hormone

In order for you to meet growth hormone on drugstore shelves, the manufacturer must undergo state licensing. This procedure is not so much costly as it is time-consuming and bureaucratic: well-known and popular drugs reach pharmacies with a huge delay or do not reach them at all - in addition to laboratory tests, licensing also includes testing on volunteers, which further stretches the process.

But when you come to a pharmacy, you will not find even a tenth of the hormones certified in the USA - it is not profitable for pharmacies to keep a wide range, since growth hormone requires certain storage conditions, and also focus not on athletes, but on people with growth retardation: doctors, like as a rule, the same simple solutions are prescribed for the treatment of the given disease.

Yes, growth hormones have been actively used for medicinal purposes for several decades. However, to achieve sports results, it is often necessary to combine drugs, and sometimes intolerance to certain arrangements occurs. In this case, we come to the rescue - the official store for athletes with a proven and authentic assortment!

Buy growth hormone in pharmacy

When choosing a pharmacy chain, there is one more feature: it is impossible to buy growth hormone in a pharmacy without a prescription. That is, at first you will be faced with a negligible assortment, and then also with the impossibility of purchasing a product.

We offer hormones by courier delivery to the USA, the European Union and any other place in the world: working with official manufacturers, we have been supplying clean and proven solutions for athletes for many years, having won a positive reputation!

The cost of GR in the pharmacy

Continuing the devastating list of shortcomings of the domestic pharmacy system, it is worth focusing on the cost: the price of growth hormone in pharmacies is unreasonably high, and the shelf life is sometimes approaching the end.

We provide affordable prices and the freshest products - a well-functioning logistics system and a large turnover help us with this.

If you still have questions, contact the manager for help, he will tell you the details about each drug, as well as the terms of purchase and delivery!

упаковка нордитропина фото

Norditropin Nordiflex

110 $
Джинтропин 4МЕ

Jintropin 4ME

60 $
фото Картриджа генотропина


80 $

Jintropin 10 ME

270 $