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aicar упаковка
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aicar упаковка
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The peptide Aicar is loved by many athletes. It was originally developed to support muscle mass after an injury, for the period of recovery. But it also has a number of other positive effects for athletes, making it more and more popular every year.

Main effects

The peptide has a systemic effect on the entire body, the main effects of Aicar are

improvement of metabolic processes;

increases endurance even under extreme conditions;

allows you to maintain muscle mass, for example, when you are not training;

Decreases muscle fatigue after a hard workout;

prevents the accumulation of fat deposits, etc.

Aicar has increased endurance by 50%, which has made it especially popular with sportsmen and military personnel. Aicar also makes it easier to withstand extreme conditions, e.g., high or low temperatures. Aicar is different from other doping substances, as it has no effect on the nervous system, but only on its muscle activity. Aicar is not addictive, so it helps keep your body in top physical shape.

How to get peptide Aicar

In our specialist online shop you can buy an original Aicar of proven quality confirmed by the relevant certificates. You can place an order on our website in just one click, after which our employee will contact you to clarify all the details and provide advice. We work all over Russia, we will deliver your order in the shortest possible time by means of transport companies. In St. Petersburg and Moscow can be delivered by courier or self-delivery. works directly with the manufacturer of peptides, so when you buy Aikar from us you can be assured of getting premium quality at a fair price.


Due to the absence of side effects as well as its pronounced effects, Aicar has received positive feedback from athletes in various sports. For example, marathon runners reported in an experiment that Aicar increased their endurance by a quarter and increased the distance by 45%.

Aicar has been successfully used by athletes in the USA and Europe, as an excellent endurance stimulant and performance enhancer in training.


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